Awesome!  You found that one person you want to be with for the rest of your life and you found a ring that tells her how much you love her, now what?!   We’re here to help!  We will help you with your ideas to make sure it goes off with out a hitch, you’ll just need to get Her there and ask.  Our pictures will amaze Her and you get to take all the credit for being so thoughtful!  You’ll be able to show Her the images on your phone within minutes of the “YES!”

We shoot the proposal ‘paparazzi style’ by hiding in the bushes or around a corner so we don’t give away the surprise.  Our massive super-telephoto lenses are the same you’d see on the sidelines at the Super Bowl.  We’re able to be far away but still get great close shots with all the emotion and happiness of such a great moment.  We will scope out the location before hand to know where the best spots are and let you know where we’ll be so you can be confident we’ll get the best shot.

After you leave to celebrate we go to work editing your photos in our car and instantly upload them to them to the internet.  You’ll get the link to download the app to your phone or tablet via text, save it to your device and surprise her again with the amazing shots that you can share instantly with your friends and family.  Click this link from your smartphone or tablet to download a sample app.  Don’t forget to delete the sample app so you don’t give away the surprise!

This show is Leah and Philip’s engagement. You can get a show like this or customize your own mobile app.

  • One hour session and half hour planning meeting with a Disc of all your fully enhanced and edited images is only $300!
  • *Special – Free Custom app for your smartphone delivered within an hour directly to your phone
  • Ask about adding video to your session!