Carroll Seniors everywhere!

Sometimes it seems all the high school seniors in the area have no idea there’s a great Senior Portrait Artist right down the street, accept for Carroll! Nearly 90% of our years seniors are Carroll students and truth is, we don’t mind a bit! We recently had ’09 grads Evan Pridmore and Mike Escobar in the studio for their sessions.

Evan plays baseball (see intimidating image above) and is a member of a seemingly ‘rockstar’ group known as flag patrol – Those red and blue paint covered spirit leaders at all the Carroll football games waving the flags.

Mike Escobar is that football team leading, does whatever it takes attitude, doesnt let it go to his head kind of guys. Carrolls quaterback, and I’m sure, man on campus that all the women want to sign their yearbook! We shot the images above at a shady backdoor laden alley that was just too cool, and of course, Carroll’s home field.

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