Danielle and John

So I’ve been looking forward to this wedding since I met Danielle and John, and even more since I saw them at a friends wedding we shot two years ago when they weren’t even engaged! One of my favorite things I remember about Danielle was when I was leaving that wedding two years back she winked at me and said “We’ll be calling you soon” Almost as if she knew something John didn’t, sort of like “If he knows whats good for him!!” John and Danielle are truly one of those couples everyone wants to be friends with and it really showed at the wedding, it was packed! Lauren and I had such an extraordinary time and I know the guests did too. Their PhotoGuestbook is one of the biggest we have ever done and I know that party lasted well into the morning. Be sure to leave your comments below and click “Find a Wedding” to the left to view all their shots. Thanks Danielle and John it was a blast!! – Nick

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