Look Ma! I’m Walking!!!!

Ellie Morgan my Goddaughter came in last week for her first year birthday photos. Man, It really doesn’t get any cuter than this! But the real reason I wanted to share these particular photos is these are actually her first steps. Shooting as much as I do it’s easy to forget how much photos can mean to my customers and how much they do mean to me. I’m a single guy, no kids, no pets, and most of my friends live in other states as well as my family. I’m really glad to have the McElroy family as my surrogate family, theyre always there to brighten my day. I met Mike right before his wedding to his beautiful wife Cheryl in 2001. We worked together and have been friends ever since, He helps me out alot when we need another photographer and I help him when he needs it. (shot a car wash grand-opening outside in the middle of February with a wind chill of 10 degrees, that’s friendship!) The thing I like most about them is thier 3 amazing Children Michael, Camryn, and Ellie Morgan. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow. I love being with them, chasing them around and hearing them laugh, the laughter of those three kids makes a whole week of work and frustration just dissappear, It is truly my most favorite sound in the world. I was more than honored when Mike asked if I would be Ellie’s Godfather, mostly because of the jokes I could make with the movie refrences, but more so because being a godfather was on my bucket list. I just felt like it was a chance to be a part of something great. Well during her session last week Ellie, Morgan to me, actually took her first steps while I was photographing her here at my studio. Talk about being a part of something special! How neat is that! You can see the lttle steps in the images above, she is soooo adorable. I’m glad someone is always there to remind me how important little moments are…. -Nick

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