Sarah and Eric

This was just one of THE COOLEST weddings we’ve had in a while! Sarah and Eric got married at Carrilon Park and Lauren, Marci and I we’re the lucky photographers. I remember seeing the photographer at the other wedding reception that was happening at Carrilon and saying: “He’s got photojealousy!” Because he wasn’t with my wedding! We had a blast walking around the park and using all the awesome backgounds, and I just couldnt have asked for a more fun wedding party. Sarah and Eric did a wonderful job putting their creative touches on everything, and those wine bottles were a huge hit – the talk of the evening! Click ‘Find a Wedding’ to the left to view all the images and don’t forget to leave your comments below for Sarah and Eric! – Nick

One Comment on “Sarah and Eric

  1. Love the pics, Sarah and Eric! Wish I could have been there 🙁