Stevie and Andrew: Love all the way

I did Stevie and Andrew’s Engagement session about a year ago and ever since then I have been looking forward to shooting their wedding. There is just something about them and their love that has a unique feeling, kind of like when my Mom made me chocolate chip cookies when I was younger. (btw, she still does, made me some yesterday – Thanks Mom!) Stevie just couldn’t wait to see Andrew. All she said when we were shooting her and the girls was, do I get to see Andrew now? When do I see Andrew? When Andrew and Stevie first saw eachother that day you would have thought we we’re all watching the end of an epic movie on the big screen. Honestly my eyes got a little damp, but I played it cool and said it was my allergies! Thanks Stevie and Andrew, I am so proud to have been a part of such a heartwarming moment, and such a wonderful wedding. Click ‘Find a Wedding’ to the left to View all the images and, as always, leave your comments for the couple below! – Nick

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