A proud Papa!

While I’m not actually Lauren’s Dad, and I know Her Dad is way more proud of her than I am, I just wanted to let everyone know how proud of Lauren I really am. Saturday was her good friends Olivia and Scott’s wedding. It was just about the coldest and rainiest day I’ve seen in a long time but that didn’t put one damper on the spirit of the wedding, nor did it put a damper on her creativity. She was totally there to rock this wedding and blow away Olivia and Scott (which I know will happen in a few days when they see their proofs!) It’s a really hard thing to shoot your friends weddings, there is way more pressure, and sometimes it is hard to be taken serioulsy when all they want to do is hang out with a friend but Saturday she shined. She was right in there being a friend and a photographer! Putting on the brides shoes and bossing me around (I was her assistant, and thats what I do with her so I would expect no less!) She had a hundred reasons to be stressed out, the rain pouring down on us as we shot was not the only one, but I’ll tell you, you would have thought she was shooting on the beach in Florida! It didn’t bother her a bit. She has been working with me for almost 3 years now and just this summer she started shooting on her own, with a good friends sister’s wedding to start off and a few more since then. She still impresses me and I know when she edits her work she will even impress herself! I am so proud of the photographer she has become, but I’m more proud of the person she has grown into. Lauren is definitely one of the most caring and thoughtful individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure to call a friend. She would do anything for anyone, works with a great sense of humility and has everything within her to be an awesome wedding photographer! It was truely a joy to see the learner become the master, and the best part is this blog entry won’t even go to her head like it would mine 🙂 Look at her do her thing!We even posed for the PhotoGuestbook!

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  1. Nick and Lauren,

    I can’t praise you enough on how awesome last Saturday was! The atmosphere was so relaxed and fun and a lot of it was due to you guys!
    I can’t wait to see Scott and Olivia’s photos, I have no doubt that they will be amazing. You are both so talented. Thanks for the great time!

    Katie MacDonald