Olivia and Scott

So this is Olivia and Scott’s wedding! All I can say is WOW! These two are good friends of mine and they blessed me with a very special role in their day, their photographer! What an awesome day to be able to spend with them, let alone getting the privilege to photograph them and the love they share! These two people, as individuals, are each so kind and generous, so it makes perfect sense that the Lord would bring these two together as a perfect match! Thank you to both of you for truly being the light of the love of Christ! Thank you for letting me and Nick be part of your special day as well, it means more than you will ever know! Also click ‘Find a wedding’ to the left to see the rest of the images from their wedding! Enjoy! ~Lauren

1 Comments on “Olivia and Scott

  1. Nice work, I should know! Amazing photos by an amazing photographer, I’m impressed as usual!