Brittany and Zach

Brittany and Zach got married last weekend in the beautiful snow light snowstorm. It had been almost a month since we shot a wedding and we were just itching to get back too it, besides after all that turkey I needed to spend a day on my feet moving around heavy equipment! Brittany, Zach and their wedding party were such a blast to work with and we sure appreciated them allowing us to work outside it was well worth it. We just can’t say thank you enough to everyone we worked with, it was truly one of those weddings where everything just went right and everyone had fun! Click ‘Find a Wedding’ to the left to view all the photos and leave your comments below. Thanks Brittany and Zach, you guys were awesome! -Nick

2 Comments on “Brittany and Zach

  1. Nick….you are awesome!!! I love them!!! I cannot say anything but great things about you guys. We had so much fun shooting with you and you both made everything so easy and absolutely fun!! The pictures are beautful and I think they really captured the day. I can’t say thank you enough. If we ever have a chance to work with you in the future we definitely will!