Paula and Ryan’s E-Session (Part 1)

Paula and Ryan must think my “heftyness” and beard means I like to be outside in the snow when it’s 20 degrees! Well when you work with a couple like them it’s easy to look past the frozen extremities and just see the fun time you’re going to have with them, so I said ok to shooting a quick E-Session up at the Greene so we could have some pics for thier Save the Date cards for their June wedding. I just love working with them, Plus the memories of snow should help us all feel a little cooler come June! -Nick

1 Comments on “Paula and Ryan’s E-Session (Part 1)

  1. Steve: Your pictures show the true passion you have for each other.
    Beth: Paula, you looked beautiful! Ryan, you looked so happy, and it was amazing to see you both smile like that.
    Hallerie: Wow! Thanks for reminding the world what new romance looks like, can’t wait to see what new baby love looks like on you two!