Kaylinn’s First (of many) photo shoot

Kaylinn is the Daughter of My soon-to-be-wife’s oldest brother, Ben. We had the chance to meet her for the first time last weekend and she just couldnt be more adorable! This is a show of what will likely be the first of many photo sessions we have with her as she grows up! Heather and I are so excited to be Aunt and almost Uncle! – Nick

5 Comments on “Kaylinn’s First (of many) photo shoot

  1. Nick, I just wanted to tell you how much I love the pictures you took of Kaylinn and all of us. You are truly the best photographer I have ever encountered and I am not being biased because you are my future brother-in-law. Anyone who chooses you as a photographer will truly be blessed with the experience and the pictures. Thank you again.


  2. Nick, you are a very talented photographer. Keep up the good work. I’ve known Ben for a very long time. And nobody deserves a beautiful baby like that more than he does. He will be a great father. Also congradulations on your future with Ben’s sister. I wish you both all the best.

    Shawn Patterson

  3. Nick,

    What awesome pictures! You are truly talented. Kaylinn is absolutely beautiful. But I am biased, I am her Great Aunt. Ben’s mom is my sister. The picture of Kaylinn with Fran’s pictures made me cry. Keep up with allowing you passion to show through in your work.

    Welcome to the family.


  4. Nick,
    You took the most amazing pictures of my little girl. I don’t think anyone could have captured the moments quite like you did. Thank you for taking such wonderful,precious pictures!!

  5. Nick,
    What beautiful pictures you have taken of my precious granddaughter.I’m sure there will be more pictures of her as she grows.You are a very talented photographer and I wish you both the best in your marriage.