Alice and Nick (and the deer’s) E-Session

Alice and I met at the wedding show we had in the spring down at the new Marriot in West Chester. I didn’t get to meet Nick though. He is currently stationed in Korea keeping our country safe. They’ve been apart now for months but despite that, Alice and Nick are a very loving couple, which I know you can really tell in their images. We met over at Miami university, where they met, for their engagement session. We were joined by 2 deer just strolling through the campus. Oh, and by the way, it rained the entire 2 hours we shot! They are a super fun couple and I hope they can enjoy their time together before Nick has to get back to protecting our Country. Stay safe Nick, We will see you and Alice in about 11 Months! If you would like to post the show on your Facebook or Myspace page please contact us at Feel free to share the images and leave your comments below to let us know what you think! Thanks- Nick O’Donnell / Photojournalist

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