Anne and Jeff’s Wedding

Anne and Jeff’s wedding was absoloutely beautiful! Anne was just full of creative ideas that put tons of unique and personal touches on her wedding. From the personally made, home-baked cookie invitation, to the sparklers they lit for their first dance, it was certainly a one-of-a-kind day! Anne looked breath-taking in her classicly appointed dress, her accessories really brought it all together. My favorite part of the day was shooting in the parking lot of The Dublin Pub. Yup, the parking lot of a bar in the Oregon District yeilded m favorite shot of the day. Thinking differently and trying something a bit new is kinda my thing! Marci pointed out a really neat ivy covered wall, and Blake actually went inside and asked the guy who was parked in front of the wall to move his car! (side note: I have the best crew in the industry! Thanks Lauren, Marci, and Blake!) So we walked over to the bar and must have spent a half hour just shooting Anne, Awesome images! Thank you so so much Anne and Jeff, I really just can’t express how much I enjoyed working with you and your families. Your wedding party was a riot, and you both are just too cute together! Hope you enjoy the images! If you would like to post the show on your Facebook or Myspace page please contact us at Feel free to share the images and leave your comments below to let us know what you think! Thanks- Nick O’Donnell / Photojournalist

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