Lara and Kasey’s Wedding

These pictures are from Lara and Kasey’s wedding I shot on May 30th. We had such a good time at this wedding, everyone was so kind to us and made us feel so welcome and part of the family! As you can see it was beautiful and it also was at my favorite church to shoot in, Normandy Church. Congrats to Lara and Kasey on their wedding. To see the rest of the images click the “purchase prints” link at the bottom left side of this page. Lara and Kasey should be near the top of the next page! Enjoy! ~Lauren

1 Comments on “Lara and Kasey’s Wedding

  1. What a beautiful day with the most loved poeple I know. THe pictures caught all the tenderness and joy of the day. Love you Lara and Kasey. God Bless you all. You too Rachel Roo.