Brittany and Corey’s Wedding on July 3rd

Brittany and Corey had a lovely little wedding on the 3rd of July in Tipp Ciy. I really didn’t get a chance to know them before the wedding, but I honestly felt like I was shooting an old friends wedding when we started shooting with them at the park. This was my first wedding in front of a waterfall, you know I dont have many opportunities to shoot weddings in front of waterfalls her in Dayton! It was a lovely, and very heartfelt wedding and Marci and I were glad to have been a part of it! Family proofing is available here. Click here to view all the images and purchase prints. If you would like to post the show on your Facebook or Myspace page please contact us at Feel free to share the images and leave your comments below to let us know what you think! Thanks- Nick O’Donnell / Photojournalist

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