Paula and Ryan

From the moment I met Paula and Ryan I was stoked about shooting their wedding. It was honestly written in the stars that I was to be their photographer and I’ll tell you why. The date opened up about a week before we did the Dayton Premier Bridal Expo in September, and I really felt like I wouldn’t book it and that was OK with me. My best friends wedding was the week after that on the 27th in Chicago so I felt like I could just take little vacation around his wedding and spend some time with friends. When I met Paula she was just so excited to finally find a photographer that could really understand what she was looking for and could match the vision she had for her wedding. My first thoughts of her and Ryan as we were talking at the Bridal show was “This couple is too cool, I’m not lucky enough to work with them, and I’m sure I’m booked for their date” So I asked: I was available! Couples like Paula and Ryan are what make up the vast majority of our wedding clients and they’re exactly what we look for when we’re boking a date. I feel like they are do deserving of a wonderful photographer and a perfect day because of who they are. It makes me so happy to see two wonderful people getting together and growing two spectacular families. My favorite little moment of the day was shared between Paula and I. It was when we were shooting her and the girls at Wegerzyn Gardens. It was the last pose we had her in just before we finished up, the bridesmaids we all congregated over my shoulder as I photographed her sitting on the bench. I told her to look over my shoulder at her girls, and just as she did she began to well up with tears. I said: Paula, you ok? She replied: Yeah, I just have really good friends. She had me in tears! Having great friends like that are just a testament to who Paula and Ryan are, I just loved working with them and I’m really looking forward to our extra session together, we’ll im really looking forward to seeing them again however it is, I just love being around them! Thank you so much Paula and Ryan, I just can’t tell you in words how much I appreciated the extreme pleasure of shooting your wedding and working with you both for the past year, you and your familes we’re a blast! You can see all the images here and if you would like to post the show on your Facebook or Myspace page please contact us at Feel free to share the images and leave your comments below to let us know what you think! Thanks- Nick O’Donnell / Photojournalist

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