Ali and Jeff’s E-Session in Boston, MA

Ali and Jeff and I met through a mutual friend, They went to college with a past couple of mine who we photographed three summers ago, Jennifer and Brian. when we first met about the wedding details they asked me if I would be interested to go to Boston to shoot thier engagement session! I immedeately said YES! I have a cousin who lives there with his family and I don’t get to see him and his kids much so we used it as an excuse to see them and visit Boston. So Jeff and I emailed and phone called the details, he bought some Red Sox tickets and Heather and I packed up the jeep and headed out for our week long adventure from West Chester, Ohio to Hilton Head South Carolina (to shoot a wedding) via Boston MA! They couldn’t have been more gracious hosts we spent about 6 hours shooting and walking around the city seeing some of their faorite places and getting to know all about them. My beautiful assistant (and Fiance) Heather and Ali really hit it off, and that was good cause I think me and Jeff must have talked guy stuff most of the day. The evening was my favorite part, we changed into our jeans and walked over to Fenway Park which was elbow to elbow with excited fans, and all kinds of delicous smells in the air! I got my favorite pic of the day while they sat on a stoop and shared some peanuts with eachother. The night was eventually capped off with us running through the city in the rain triying to find a cab. It was truly and adventure for the ages and a fun filled day I could never forget! Thanks Ali and Jeff words cannot express how much we enjoyed spending the day with you both! I can’t wait to see you in the Summer! Click here to see the show full size! -Nick

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