Amanda, Alex, Heather and Dave’s E-Session

Nope they’re not all getting married at once! We tried a little something different with their E-Session, they brought props: Alex’s Cobra Mustang and his Best Man and Amanda’s Maid of Honor. It was awesome to meet Dave and Heather before the wedding, even cooler to go shoot with them. I think we ended up shooting for 2 and a half hours or so, but we ended at Cox for some really spectacular leaves shots on the ever dangerous drive way of doom! We survived and made it back to my next E-Session with Brian and Nicole who coincidentally work with Amanda, and after all talking together we found out that Amanda passed my name along to Nicole! Small world, huh! Amanda and Alex are one of those super cool couples everyone is friends with, I can just tell! One great couple introduced me to my next great couple! Enjoy the images and Click here to see it Full size! -Nick

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