Molly and Brian in the rain!

We shot two of Brians best friends weddings. Joe and Josh got married n 2007 and Brian stood up with them, and It was so nice to see the old gang back at it again, out to have a good time! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Molly over the past year, we had a really great Engagement session in the Short North district just around the corner from the wedding and I really began looking forward to September 26th then. Molly could hardly contain herself when we met with her and the girls to do their getting ready images, so much so in fact that she was dancing and doing push ups! (you’ll see the images!) After an hour or so of pics with the ladies she was even more excited to see her husband-to-be and spend a few hours with her friends! I loved being with Molly and Brian when the first saw each other in the lobby of the hotel, it was a fantastic moment for them and we get great images every time we get to be a part of a moment like that for our clients. So we headed out for our excusion of photos. It rained off and on all day long, but it didn’t stop us a bit we shot just as much outside, we just got the opportunity to use props! Everyone was a good sport about it, and Molly and Brian seemed to have cared less about the weather they were just having fun with their friends and living in the moment – Just as we like them too! Thanks Molly and Brian you both made it a bright and beautiful day! Click here if you would like to see all the images, and if you would like to post the show on your Facebook or Myspace page please contact us at Feel free to share the images and leave your comments below to let us know what you think! Thanks- Nick O’Donnell / Photojournalist

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