Genny and Glenn in Cincinnati

Genny and Glenn are good friends of Lisa and Burt, a couple I had the pleasure of working with last September. I’m sooo glad we got the opportunity to work with Genny and Glenn! They and their wedding party were one of the most fun and energetic groups we’ve ever had. They most definitely had us laughing all day long and the jokes got passed back and forth between us all, even Genny’s Grandma had a good one! Despite the cold it was beautiful outside, it was a perfect fall day and we really took advantage of it. Genny and Glenn saw eachother over 3 hours before the ceremony which gave them plenty of time together and plenty of time to enjoy being with their friends and family. Blake, Mike and I had a blast and it was all thanks to Genny and Glenn for making the day so perfect. Thanks Genny and Glenn, I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed being there for you, everything was perfect! Click here to view all the images, and Click here to see the show full size. -Nick

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