Alicia and Greg

Alicia and Greg got married in Columbus near Gahanna at the church we shot Ruth and Mikes wedding at just four weeks earlier! Alica and Greg are such a fun couple they were up for anything and we so laid back. For me the best part of the day was whooting them with their wedding party at the garden area outside the reception. I was a hoot watching them set up the special family tradition shot with Greg and his siblings! I almost had to have Blake shoot it cause I was laughing so hard! You could tell they have a certain bond with each one of them. My best shots of the day were Alicia and Greg by themselves after the ceremony. We left the wedding party on the bus and dashed down to the waterfall for some intimate portraits of them just being cute together! Thanks Alicia and Greg, your wedding was spectacular! Click here to view all the images and click here to see the show full size.

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