Kathy and Chad on New Year’s Eve!

Kathy and Chad had the most beautiful and intimate wedding we have been a part of in a while. I have had the pleasure of being a friend of Chad’s since he and I were young. Chad’s oldest sister is one of my dearest friends, and over the years all of the Barlow clan and I have become friends, that’s just what they do, right! Kathy could not have been a better match for Chad, they are absolutely perfect for each other in every way, and you can tell she has become one of the Barlow sisters with no problem. It’s is so inspirational to see two amazing people getting together to start their lives together. These two could not be cuter together either, I mean come on look at them! Movie Stars come to mind!
This is my favorite image of the day. To me, this is their relationship in one single image. I guess I can just see the love and devotion in each of their eyes and I can just feel all the butterflies in Kathy and the calming effect Chad’s touch has on Her. I’m not going to lie, I got a little moist in the eyes when I was shooting this image during the ceremony, but I was laughing at the same time! See, I was shooting with my two assistants Lauren and Marci and the moment Chad’s hand met her face our 3 cameras let out a loud burst of 10 frames per second each on that moment. Just made me chuckle a bit hearing my Girls doing such a great job! Kathy and Chad, a sincere and heart-felt thank you for being such a wonderful couple to work with, picking such a fun wedding party and choosing unique day for your wedding. I loved every part of it! Click here to view all the images and Click here to view the show full size. -Nick

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