Ashley and Phillip up in Piqua

Ashley and Phillip we reccomended to me by one of my favortie friends and photographers, Sandra. We sure are thankful she did cause it was one of my most favorite weddings we’ve had. Everone was in such a gracouis mood and so happy for them, it was a calming feeling for us. They got married at one of the most unique churches I’ve ever been to as well. Ashley looked stunning! I LOVED her birdcage and hairpeice, it added so much charachter to her outfit and she personalized down to the leopard print rainboots! Classic! By far the best part of the day was getting the tow of them alone downtown to shoot some fun images. Piqua had alot to offer us in a few blocks so we took advantage of all of it. Blake and I had such a fun time shooting them, Ashley and Phillip are so cute together and they have such great hearts. I can see why they’re perfect for eachother! Click here to view all the images and Click here to see the show full size. Thanks Ashley and Phillip it was all just pefect! -Nick

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