Alice and Nick’s wedding in Columbus!

Alice and Nick had their wedding in Columbus on Ohio States campus and it was beautiful! I originally met with Alice in West Chester, then did their engagement session in Oxford on Miami’s campus, then we had our planning session in Dayton and shot the wedding in Columbus. During the course of the wedding they traveled from Ohio to Korea, then to Boston. Plus, a lot of their guest were from out of town. It was the most travelling I have ever seen done for a wedding! My favorite part was when they saw each other! They were both really nervous to see each other and as Nick crept up behind her he couldn’t wait any longer so he started running to see her and gave her a big hug! It was one of the best reveals we have seen in a long time. Alice and Nick thanks for putting on such a spectacular wedding! You two were great to work with and picked such an inspiring location!
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This was my favortie one of the guys, Nick dancing for the camera!

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