April and DJ in Loveland!

April and DJ had a great wedding in Loveland! There was so much to work with in the little downtown area that made everything so fun (plus they are a fun couple to begin with!) We all made it through the heat that day and the photos turned out great! The huge bridge at the country club their reception was at made a great spot for them to see each other for the first time that day (plus we got to ride in golf carts!) April did such a great job putting everything together and planning for their wedding, it was so well planned, I think she even had time to scrapbook during her reception! It was a beautiful wedding and we enjoyed being there with them for it!
April and DJ, thank you so much for letting us be a part of your amazing wedding and for being such great people to work with. Your wedding was one of the funnest we have been to in a really long time. You two are some of the funniest and most sincere people I have ever met. I wish you the best in your life together.

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