Holly and Nathan in Indiana

I’m so glad I had June 20th open, I got to shoot Holly and Nathan! They are two of the nicest people you could ever meet. It makes me so happy to be a part of the coming together of such an adorable couple. It was the perfect setting for a small and very intimate ceremony. I wish it would’ve been a little cooler for us all but we had enough time to shoot where and what we wanted too, and managed more than a few water breaks throughout the day. My favorite part of the day was shooting Holly and Nathan on the chicken coop right off the road, down from Chateau Pomije. It had this really unique pale green color that just meshed nicely with Holly’s gown. Made for some fantastic work! Thanks a million Holly and Nathan! You two were so wonderful to work with and I’m so glad we met! Enjoy the images! click here to view the show full size. click here to view all the photos.

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