Kasey and Nick in Logan, OH!

Kasey and Nick got married in Logan near Hocking Hills. We had so much fun shooting in this old industrial area near the church! Nick could have made a Dodge commercial when he drove his truck through these huge water puddles! You could really see both Kasey and Nicks personalities represented in the details of the wedding which made everything perfect. We made a stop by the cabin they were staying in and had a spectacular view to use as a background! The best part of the day was when they drove off in their dune buggy after the reception. Kasey was wearing a brand new beautiful white dress (not her wedding dress) which Nick managed to cover in mud! It made for awesome photos and the most unique ring shot ever!
Nick and Kasey, thank you so much for treating us like family all day and being so flexible. You gave us the time we needed to work and we had a blast with the two of you! Click here to view the show full size. Click here to view all the photos

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