Another Happy customer!

Thought I would share a recent review I found on our service, direct from a bride!

Photography – 808 Studios Photography:

Nick O’Donnell and his group are based in Dayton, OH and when I first started the planning process, I attended a bridal show in Cincinnati and found myself impressed with Nick and his work. He was more than happy to meet with me in the evenings at a location that was best for me given that I was in Cincinnati, and is such a laid back, cool guy. Since photographers are with you every second of the big day, it’s MOST important that you click with the person you hire, and it’s nearly impossible not to like this guy. He makes you feel so at ease with yourself and can make you laugh about just anything! He’s a newlywed himself, and as a photographer, knows exactly what he’s doing in this business. You can tell he loves what he does! He traveled to Columbus on the day of with no travel fees or time limit, he really proved how dedicated he is to his clients. He helped calm me down when I was stressed, and even offered to help clean, carry, and get things for us as we prepared for our tea ceremony! I believe he stayed with us for 10 hours, and we just LOVE our photos! He’s also the only photographer in the area we know that does a unique photoguestbook, where he and his team set up a “booth” at our venue and guests and come up and get their photo take by one of them (not a machine) and their photo prints instantly on a HQ printer for the guests to write their message underneath. They then put the book together for you to take home at the end of the night (unless you opt for leather binding)! They got every single one of our guests’ photos, and the quality of it beats any photobooth, hands down. A few of my closest friends told me for not noticing him AT ALL, he got a ton of great shots. On the down side, he’s pricier than some of the other photographers we looked out, but he was the first vendor I booked for our wedding and in the end, he was worth every penny.

From Alice, Boston MA

Thanks Alice!!

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