Congrats Tatum and Lee!

Tatum and Lee are another great couple from October. Their wedding was great! We had so much fun photographing their beautiful day. The church inside was really unique and there was some cool places outside it to shoot as well. After the ceremony we ventured over to Englewood Dam, which of course was gorgeous. When we got there, there was a big bulldozer at the park and the bridal party wanted to take a photo with it! So we did! It was pretty cool and the girls were the ones who immediately started climbing up the side of it. I have to say it was the first time I’ve photographed a bulldozer at a wedding. It was lots of fun! Thanks Tatum and Lee’s bridal party for being up for anything!! LOL You guys rock. And thanks to Tatum and Lee for having me and Marci as part of your special day! You two are awesome! To see the rest of the images just simply click here. ~Lauren

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