Erika and Anthony!

Erika and Anthony were one of the most unique E-Sessions I ever had. You might remeber they live in DC so Erika called F&S Harley Davidson to see if we could borrow one from their shop for some pics, they olbiged and were so accomodating for us that I almost traded in My Subaru for a new Sportster! While their wedding had a tad less chrome than the E-Session it was just perfect. We started at Erikas family home where she and her sisters grew up, He father showed me around and I could see they were a close and loving family with all the photos from the other Daughters weddings and all the family prtraits that decorated their home. One of my favortie moments of the day was capturing the smile on Dad’s face as Erika walked down the steps. I could see him thinking about all the time she walked down the stairs for the first day of school, and the high school prom. I’m sure He had a lot on his mind, but he was grining ear to ear! It was such a beautiful day to spend with such great families. Thanks Erika and Anthony, your wedding was a blast! Click here to view the show full size. Click here to view all the photos.

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