Jacquelyn and Justin’s E-Session!

This E-Session was a BLAST! I got to do one of the best drives you could pick for fall, 35 and 50 through southern Ohio to meet up Jackie and Justin at Ohio University. I’ve got lots of great memories there, most noteably my Sister’s graduation a few years back. But that was the last time I was there to shoot and when I met Jackie at Ali and Jeff’s wedding I got really excited when she mentioned going to OU for their engagement session. This was certainly one of the best E-Sessions I’ve ever done, and I know Jackie and Justin loved every minute of it too. Jackie spent most of the day smiling as she told me and Justin what She and Ali and the rest of the gals did when they weren’t hitting the books! Justin, well he spent the whole time smiling as well. I could tell he enjoyed hearing Jackie talking about her days there. I could tell they both really enjoyed being there together and they had a great time shooting with me, I mean when you stop at the CI for a beer in the middle of the session, you know you’re having a good time! Can’t wait for the wedding Jackie and Justin! It’ll be a little colder but I’m sure we’ll be able to stop for another beer! -Nick

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