Keely and Bryce’s Wedding outside Columbus

Keely and Bryce are qutie literally two of the nicest people you could ever meet. It just warms my heart to see such a wonderful couple get together. I had the pleasure of doing 2 engagement sessions with them, one in the winter time, right after we booked them so we could make the save the date cards, and the other back in July. It was funny cause we planned to get together in July to do the “real” E-Session in July when it was warm and the whole time we were shooting outside for the first session I kept telling them the July Session would be much warmer! I was overly correct on that one, the second session was a balmy 90 some degrees, and we kept talking about how nice it would be to have the weather from the winter session! (Bryce, thanks for the $20) For me, this wedding was just perfect! And I know it was perfect for them too. Yeah we had some rain and we had to push back the ceremony, and we didn’t get to shoot outside as much as we had hoped, but the setting was perfect and the wedding party was lively, and Keely and Bryce just wanted to get married! So it all came together perfectly with a little move of the schedule and we even got a blue sky to peek through the clouds for the ceremony! To me, it was just perfect, a perfect day for a perfect couple! Click here to view the show full size and click here to view all the images.
Keely and Bryce thank you so much for having us to your wedding, Blake, Lauren and I just loved every minute of working with you and the wedding party. Your wedding will always be one of my favorties! – Nick

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