Laura and Josh all over Dayton!

Laura and Josh got married in Dayton back in September. The day was so much fun with the two of them and their lively wedding party! We travelled all over Dayton doing pictures. We went to the Oregon District, UD, Dayton Art Institute, and one of our favorite red walls! We were so happy that they wanted a lot of pictures because we got to take our time and do some awesome stuff with them! Laura and Josh are such a fun couple and you could just tell that they make each other so happy by looking at the way they act together! The wedding was beautiful and we had so much fun with everyone! Enjoy the photos!
Laura and Josh, thank you for having us with you all day! Thank you so much for givng us time to do the work we wanted to do for you! You two are such a fun couple and we wish nothing but great things for you two as you start your lives together!
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