Amy and Ryan

Amy and Ryan we married at one of my favorite churches in Dayton, Holy Angels. I love Holy Angels cause some of my all time favorite weddings have been there, Fitting for Amy and Ryan, because they made that list! I usually share my favorite part of the day but this one is a twofer. Amy and Ryan saw each other for the first time outside the church just before the ceremony, it was great for them to shake off their jitters and get the family photos done but for me it was great to be a part of Amy’s big reveal with Ryan. They were both anxious to see one another and the moment Ryan got up to Amy all he could do was grin ear-to-ear and giver her a great big hug. It was so adorable to see the them looking into their eyes and see those pre-wedding jitters melt away. I loved when they got to open their gifts, Amy had this really awesome drawing made that had all the little things from their past on it, along with their new place. It was funny to hear some of the stories, the Chinese food, the prom proposal with Mickey. I have never seen a more thoughtful gift in all my years as a wedding photographer, job very well done Amy! So we had a great ceremony and then the rain came. It didn’t bother them a bit! We just cracked open the umbrellas and went to all the places we planned on, I was a little more dry on my drive there but I wasn’t in the windowless trolley! My other fav of the day was shooting the two of them under the umbrella, while most couples would think twice, a third, and fourth time about shooting in the rain they just grabbed the umbrella and put their trust in me and enjoyed themselves. I really think their work in the rain is the best I’ve done, heck it was the cover of their PhotoGuestbook! We even all stopped for ice cream, weddings don’t get any better! Thanks Amy and Ryan, you and your families were so fantastic to work with. I hope you enjoyed the rain and the rest of your wedding as much as I did! Click here to view all the images. -Nick

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