Meghan and Nic!

Meghan and Nic got married in November on a gorgeous day! They got married at UD and had their reception at Carillon Park in a new area that is almost finished! They were one of the first couples to have a reception in the new room. When I met them I knew it was going to be a blast working with them because I could tell they were very artistic! I was even more excited to work with them on their wedding day. You can just see how much they love each other and how perfect they are together! We had such a great time with all of the guests and thier wedding party! We loved talking with all of the people from different parts of the country and giving the best man a hard time about being from North Carolina when he was in the home of the Wright Brothers! The day was so much fun and we hope you all enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!
Meghan and Nic, thank you both so much for having us come spend your wedding day with you! You guys are so much fun and we hope you have a wonderful life together!
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