Our New Location!!

It’s official, even though the boxes are still everywhere! We’ve expanded into our new location here at 424 Reading rd in Mason. While we will certainly miss our Shroyer studio in Dayton we are looking forward to a less hectic year in 2011. My Wife and I welcomed our new son Alex James into the world just after the move and I have to say he is the biggest reason for the change in location. I want to be the best Dad I can be and I felt that spending 2 hours a day on the road isn’t the best way to start out! So now that I’m closer to my family that means so much to me I’m kinda missing my other family – My Customers. But I assure each one of you that I am more here for you than I ever was. Being in this new studio has allowed us to have better turn around times and deliveries than we ever have before. We’ve become more efficient with our new space and it’s really made a difference. I know the changes we’ve made will make 2011 the best year we’ve had so far! So come by and see us sometime we’d love to see you and catch up. Oh and feel free to bring a paintbrush cause the studio isn’t totally finished just yet! -Nick

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