Shannon and Dapo in Atlanta

This one is my favorite of Shannon, just a quick “have a seat right here in the nice light” pic the pose was all her and she looks stunning!

I think this one just summed up the whole day for me, Fitting that it was at the end of the night. I thought this one was just awesome, and I thought the whole weekend was too. I got to go down to Atlanta to shoot my wife’s closest friends getting married and it was just what I was looking for. I shot this one on my own so I was prepared to work hard but also challenge myself with my composition and I have to say I loved every minute of it. Shannon and Dapo are so right for each other, and you could really tell that when he lifted his pant leg to reveal his green argyle socks and Shannon let out a big laugh! I had so much fun we even carried it over into the next day when we met them at their hotel and shot a few more that will be just perfect additions to their album. Thanks Shannon and Dapo! Heather, Alex and I had a fantastic time! Click here to see all the images and Be sure to check out Shannon and Dapo’s movie below or on Youtube!

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