Katie and Andrew’s Wedding Adventure!

Katie and Andrew were such a fun couple, full of excitement and love for each other. They had their wedding in the Transportation Center at Carillon Park in Dayton because they are really into traveling together. They were so funny to be around all day and we had so much fun working with them and their super nice family and friends! It was really great to work with a great couple who absolutely adores each other and you could just see that in them by looking at them all day! We took some great stories and jokes away from their wedding and still laugh about some of the funny things everyone said while we were out shooting. We hope you all enjoy the photos!
Katie and Andrew, you are two of the most genuine, kind hearted people I have ever met. Thank you so much for giving us plenty of time with the two of you to do the awesome work that you both deserve. You guys were a blast and we enjoyed every minute of your wedding!
To view all the photos click here. Be sure to watch the show below, or check it out on YouTube!

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