Philip’s proposal to Leah!

This is quite possibly the coolest thing I was ever able to photograph 12 hours after booking it! I got a call from Philip late afternoon on Wednesday last week, he had been referred by a friend of mine to see if I would be available to shoot him asking is Girlfriend Leah if she would marry him. He was taking a red eye into Dayton and arriving just after 10. His plan was to ask Leah as soon as the saw eachother at the front entrance, it really seemed to me he just couldn’t wait another minute without her. My plan was to document what I knew would be one of the best things I’d be a part of during my life as a photographer. I was hiding behind a check-in kiosk and Blake was camped out behind the coffee shop. The lighting was perfect and even the TSA was in on it! It was a little planning and a lot of winging it and I think you’ll agree the images are nothing short of AMAZING! Great work Philip! Leah you couldn’t have been more perfect being surprised! 🙂 Thanks guys this was beyond awesome!! -Nick

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