Denise and Ady

Wow, what a great day, perfect weather perfect couple! Denise and Ady got married at Polen Farm in Dayton. Which is funny since they live in Wilmington, and met in the UK where Ady is from and his family traveled from to be at the wedding. That’s lots of miles for such a small wedding! They allowed us to shoot everything prior to the ceremony so we hit a bunch of really cool spots. Since it was just them, we were able to hit each place and have plenty of time to do it all. My favorite shots were the red brick ones. I got them to do individuals while the other was off to the side making silly faces, they are such a great couple and it’s great to see them have fun together. Thanks Denise and Ady! Marci and I loved every minute shooting with you, you both were great! To view all the photos, click here. – Nick

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