Leah and Philip!

We shot Leah and Philip getting engaged just a couple of months ago, and here we are, posting their wedding pics! We were so excited to shoot them again (and excited that Leah knew we were going to be shooting this time!) They got married at a really awesome house that a friend owns outside of Dayton. It was the perfect place for their wedding with close friends and family. We had a blast shooting with them all day and talking about how fun it was shooting them getting engaged at the airport. Their wedding was at sunset and it was so pretty, with the trees all around and lights in the background! They even did a lantern release at the end of the night and it was a great way to end such a fun day and to see off all of their guests. We had so much fun with the two of them and know that their great personalities really show in the pictures.
Leah and Philip, thank you for letting us come out to shoot your gorgeous wedding. You guys were so much fun and we hope you enjoy living in Seattle together! Thanks to Philip for having us out to shoot the engagement, it was one of our favorite things we have shot in a long time!
To view all the photos, click here.

This one is one of our absolute favorites! We laugh every time we look at it!

If you want to watch Leah and Philip get engaged again, here is the movie!

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