Sarah and Matt in Wilmington!

Sarah and Matt got married at her parents house in a really pretty little area they put together. It was a great spot for an outdoor wedding! We got to shoot at some really awesome places in downtown Wilmington, which made for some fun and unique photos. We had fun with the two of them and their small wedding party! It was really great to have such a small group to work with because we got to talk to everyone and got to know them really well. After the wedding, we did pictures with an amazing ’59 Corvette that a friend of the family brought. Matt even got to take his new wife on a little joy ride in it! We had a blast shooting everything all day and then got a surprise at the end of the night when they had a fireworks display! It made for a great end to the night and some really great photos too. Thanks to everyone for making their wedding so great!
Sarah and Matt, thank you so much for letting us come spend your wedding day with you! We had so much fun with you guys and are so glad you gave us so much time to shoot in Wilmington before the wedding! Hope you guys have a great start to your new lives together!
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