Katie and Nathan get married in Dayton

This was my favorite one of Katie! What an awesome couple, I knew from the moment Katie and I first talked on the phone about her wedding what a great time I was going to have with them! Plus we had a hilarious wedding party, and they let me do it all with them so for me it really doesn’t get any better! One weird coincedence is Katie and I have the same last name, were not related, but her family took us into their home and took great care of us all day long and really made Marci and I feel like we were just one of the family. Here’s the link to all the images, and you can http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifview the show on YouTube here. Love the pics in the leaves Katie and Nathan, and thanks a million for having us as part of your wedding we loved working with you and your families! – Nick

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