Valerie and Chris in North Dayton

I met Valerie and Chris a week prior to their wedding. That may be the fastest I’ve ever booked a client for their wedding, but all it means is I didn’t have to wait so long to work with great people. I knew right away I was going to love working with Valerie because she’s just the nicest person she could possibly be. I knew working with Chris was going to be great because all Valerie could say was how great he was! I agree with them both. 🙂 We had the nicest possible day you could ask for in January, and did we take advantage of it! We shot everything outside like it was the middle of June. When you have a nice couple like this that really lets you do awesome stuff for them, I say run with it and have fun! And that’s just what we did.
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Thanks Valerie and Chris you guys were awesome, and Blake and I loved wotking with your families & wedding party everyone was great. -Nick

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