We Moved… AGAIN!

Well what can I say, the spot in Mason just wasn’t for us! We missed our Dayton Customers and the building was not a good fit. So last week we moved into our new studio in Downtown Lebanon. (The photo is the before) This should bring us closer to our Dayton customers and be a great fit for a studio. I love Dayton, I will always love it and I will ALWAYS SHOOT WEDDINGS THERE! 808 Studios is committed to our customers and friends in Dayton, Cincinnati & Columbus and we hope you love our new studio as much as we do. Lebanon has already brought us new friends and great relationships and we see ourselves here for many years to come. If you’re in town or want to make an appointment to come by we would love to see you! Come on in, enjoy the images and have a Coke with Blake and I this new place is really something to see! -Nick

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