Lauren and Steve in Minster

 What an awesome wedding!  Blake, Kevin (DJ KevyKev) and I headed up to Minster on the 12th for Lauren and Steve’s wedding.  Lauren and Steve met us at MAry and Matt’s wedding last October.  We must have talked for a half hour about working with them while we were there so it’s been since then that we’ve been looking forward to our trip to Minster to shoot.  Now if you know Minster you might think it’s not the ideal place for cool places to shoot, I disagree!  We just come up about an hour early and must have spent half that time looking for the “old mill” which I thought was some cool old abandoned warehouse/factory spot that we could find some rust at. It wasn’t ’til right before we got to the church that I saw the bar called “the Old Mill” found the spots you see and I have to say I’m exstatic to see the results.  I have to give a huge thanks to everyone we worked with, from the Groomsmen and the Bridesmaids (Hi Kate!  Nice to meet you!!) and especially the families.  I loved working with you all, we just loved everyone and it’s not too often that happens.  And how awesome was that food!!  I’m predicting it’s the best food of the year, the cake was killer too! Thanks Lauren and Steve!  I’m so, so, so glad you’re friends with Mary and Matt and came to their wedding so we could meet, just made the 12th of May way awesome for us!!  Click here to view all the images online, and check out the show below or on YouTube. iPhone, iPad, iPod users click here to dowmload their custom app, use the link at the bottom in the app to share! -Nick

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