Haley and Tim in Charleston SC

 This post will be a special one!  Haley and Tim became friends of mine about 4 years ago when Haley called and asked me to shoot some images of Her and Tim before Tim was sent for a tour of duty in Iraq.  We had the best time together shooting at Miami university where they met.  We shot well into the dark all around campus and downtown. It was one of the best sessions I’ve ever had.  When we finished I knew I had met friends that night and I remember telling Tim to come back safe and call me when they got engaged because I would love be there for them at their wedding.  Three years later I get a call out of the blue:  “Hi Nick, this is Haley.  Do you remember me and Tim?”  Of course!!  How could I forget! She went on to tell me they had gotten engaged and would love to have me at their wedding in Charleston.  She was a little worried that we might not travel but I told her we had shot several weddings in SC and we wouldn’t miss it for the world!

The following is special a personal note from Father of the Bride Bob Bowers.

Thank  You…
For the second time in the last four years we are honored and privileged to hand off our daughter to a better man.  Before you view the pictures from that wonderful weekend we want to thank everyone involved with the wedding.  Our guests traveled a long way whether flying or taking that Highway 20 ride and your attendance made this event great.  We thank you for being there and for making this occasion memorable.
Our thanks go to the family and friends who hosted events like the Cincinnati and Atlanta showers and the Bridal Party brunch.  These were special times enjoyed with Tim and Haley and spent with the best of friends and family.  We also want to thank all who planned and hosted the Wedding Party cocktail get together in Isle of Palms Thursday night.  The evening with TJ and Haley’s crowd was the break we all needed.
Next we’d like to express our gratitude to Tim’s family for the incredible Charleston Harbor rehearsal dinner aboard The Carolina Girl.  The bar was set exceedingly high that Friday night as the pictures show.  The food, the music and the cruise made for an incredible night.
Finally, I would like to recognize my wife and daughters for their years long planning and execution of this celebration.  They somehow managed to meet the challenge and deliver a reception second to none.  On the heels of these other events that was a nearly impossible task.  The 808 Photography team captured literally every frame of the wedding weekend which is an amazing feat so enjoy the memories and let’s salute this Miami Merger with a “HOAH” and a “Who Dey”.


This one will always be “the” shot that comes to mind when I think of Haley and Tim.  These steps are at the foot of the US Customs house in downtown Charleston and it was one spot Blake and I wanted to hit and luckily we squeezed it in on our way to th ceremony cause we got some of my favoties there including the image of Haley below.  I remember telling Tim when he gets a desk, this was the 5×7 that he was going to print to put on it!

You can tell family and friends are everything to Haley and Tim.  This wedding was certainly a testament to their bonds with them, one groomsmen took leave from Afghanistan and everyone we talked to had traveled several hours to be there.  The entire weekend there was a feeling in the air that everyone was excited to be there, was really having fun and knew they were in the middle of what would be a legendary weekend.  Blake and I certainly felt that way and we were so thankful to be there with everyone to see such an amazing couple become one!  Check out their movie on YouTube below and view all their images on our site here.  If you have an iPhone, Pad or iPod you can download their app by clicking this link from your device, there is a share link at the bottom of the app that will allow you to email your friends.  Thanks Haley and Tim!  We loved every minute of working with you, your families and your friends.  We hope to get to see you all again soon! -Nick & Blake

Best end of night shot EVER! 🙂

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