Christel and Mike in Charleston SC

Love this one of them crossing the street in Downtown Chaleston!  So much so that it’s made it’s way into our new prcing book. 

Sunrise on the beach!

Weddings just don’t get any better than this!  From our first meeting it was very evident that Christel would be a bride I would remain friends with for a long time and I thought the same of Mike when I met him and the E-Session.  They are really everyones friends, just that great couple everyone knows and always wants to be around and they are perfect together! While they got married on Seabrook Island in SC we did a lot of their images in Charleston the day of.  It was so fun traveling around with them shooting a bit, laughing a lot. I mean how can you not have fun shooting such a beautiful couple in one of the most photogenic cities in the United States! 

Being down there with them for 3 days shooting the rehersal, the wedding day, the night of shots and Sunrise session on the beach is just what Blake and I needed to start off the summer shooting season with a bang.  I really felt like we were part of the family.  Christel’s parents allowed us to stay at their home while we were there so we were able to have a little bit of vacation this year.  One of the things I will never forget was when I was walking into the reception the night of the wedding Christel’s Mom stopped me and said “I just wanted to thank you and let you know how much it means to me that you traveled all this way for us.”  I was blown away cause I thought we were the lucky ones!  Not only were we being paid to shoot one of the coolest weddings we’ve ever been a part of but she stops me and thanks ME!?  It was a gift well beyond any thank you I could give her.  My wife and I don’t have much disposable income and free time with our schedules so I’m sure it would have been years before we were able to take our son to the beach but thanks to them we were able to do that.  I wish I coul express how much it meant to me to see my son’s face the fist time he put his feet in the sand, the first time a wave spalshed over his little legs and the first sand castle we build together (and promptly trampled on!)  It was a gift I will be forever grateful for!  Thanks a Million to Christel and Mike and their families you were amazing to work with and we had a blast with you! -Nick

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