Stephanie and Carson

Stephanie and Carson Got married on Thursday June 21st, their anniversary.  Definitely not my first Thursday wedding but absolutely one of my favorites!  I got complete trust from them to go to some of the best spots and we had plenty of time, I mean PLENTY!  Must have been 4 hours with them, it was killer!  How could you not love these two, they laugh and giggle with their friends as much as they do with eachother.  The shot below was my favorite one of Stephanie.  Her Mom died when she was pretty young and I could see how much it meant to her that she include her Mom on a day that meant so much them both.  I knew I couldn’t show her this one til the time was right, didn’t want to mess up the mascara. The shot is Stepanie and the locket with her Moms photo wrapped around her boquet which she had close to her heart all day.  I will always rember that shot when I think of them.  Thanks a ton Stephanie and Carson, you guys rule!  To view all the photos, click here and if you have a smartphone use it to click here to download their app! -Nick

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