Karen and B.A. in Dayton

This couple is just happy as can be together, I loved every minute of working with them!!  Karen and B.A. are just as nice as they come, they knew what they wanted was to have a great time and enjoy themselves- but also get great images.  We had several hours prior to the ceremony to give them some of our best work and I’m sooo happy with what we did!  Adding just a couple spots here and there made such a difference in the story we were able to tell with them.  Their wedding party was an absolute riot and when Karen and B.A. weren’t making each other laugh the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids were right there making gawking noises and jokes, what a great combo! 

This was my favorite shot from the ceremony.  They had each written their own vows and read them to eachother.  B.A.’s words had me a bit choked up and I’m sure they meant the world to Karen – So glad I could be there to be a part of the begining of such a beautiful marriage.  Thank you for having Blake and I spend such an amazing day with you and your families!  It meant so much to us that you allowed us to work so hard for you, and cared so much about the work we did together.  Hope to see you you both again soon! -Nick

Click here to view Karen and B.A,’s images online, or click here from your smartphone, iPhone or iPad to download their custom app, and it you want to check out the show on YouTube in full HD just click here.

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